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Who owns Vision Machine Products, Inc.?

Vision Machine Products, Inc. is privately owned and conservatively managed.  As a woman owned business this might be of interest to some for tax incentives.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are primarily in high tech areas.  We serve markets including aerospace, electronics, transportation, machine tools, medical, sports equipment components among others.  The unifying theme is the need for precision, high accuracy metal and plastic parts.

What is your reputation for quality?  We supply directly to the production line.  During that time we have successfully passed innumerable customer surveys.  Our quality plan for each part is integrated into its engineering/routing master, and is stored in our database.  We tailor the inspection equipment, methods, and frequency to the customer needs.  

We also have successfully worked with reverse engineering to contribute to an economic and timely satisfaction for all involved.


Are you price competitive?

Yes, we use our engineering skill, in-house tool design and build capability, and broad variety of equipment to win jobs from across the USA. We have been extremely successful in working with local companies in as much that we can meet with the engineers to come to conclusions and solutions that are a win-win for all.

What kind of parts do you make?

The great majority of our production parts have the following in common:


They are made using our key in-house technologies; CNC Swiss machining, milling, grinding and turning.  We have capabilities of holding tight tolerances with Swiss machining to 3" through the collet, large parts. No part too small or too large, we quote them all.

There is "engineering content" in the sense of subtleties for demanding applications.

Will you keep inventory for your customers?

Yes, with a committed purchase order and scheduled deliveries we will work with our customers to serve you best.

What are some common parts you have made?

Bushings, connectors, knobs, jackscrews, turnbuckles, standoffs, spacers, fittings, screws, washers, nuts, studs, inserts, bolts, shafts, bearings, collars, pulleys, terminals, pins, firing pins many other custom parts.

How do you relate to "global sourcing"?

We do not have any relationships with, or subsidiary plants in Asia.  There are four fundamental points to our successful competitive position:

1) We provide parts whose complexity is not available from abroad.

2) We supply parts whose defense-related sensitivity is such that they cannot be sourced abroad.

3) We supply parts whose intellectual property content for the customer is such that they must not be placed abroad.

4) We keep ourselves equipped with state-of-the-art machine tools that allow us to take most of the labor our of our production processes.  Because we own our own equipment, have low overhead and we can compete by minimizing labor content and be near by to communicate and solve in a timely manner and personally, the prime point on which any abroad cannot.

Isn't Nevada too distant and too expensive for

cost-effective manufacturing?

Because we produce small to medium-size parts, the cost of transportation is minimal.  We are served by all the major companies in the freight business: UPS, Fed Ex, truck and air.

Shouldn't we concentrate on suppliers close to our plant?

We suggest that your focus should be on quality and delivery.  Proximity is a poor compensation for a lack of reliability.  The package delivered by UPS won't tell you that it has traveled 20 miles or 2000 miles.  Our many out-of-state customers take advantage of our trouble-free parts supply capability.

Do you do proto-type work?

Yes, from 1 to 1,000,000... from proto-type to production.  Customer satisfaction is our commitment.

What kind of metals & materials do you work with?

In addition to using the common types of steel, plastics, stainless steel and aluminum, we have experience making parts from tungsten, titanium, molybdenum, copper, brass and specialty alloys like nitinol, elgiloy, alloy 49, inconel and monel, among others.  Some of these can be fineblanked, all can be machined and/or ground.

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